PUO Personal Use Only licensing no doubt seems the most basic, and most easily understood, form of licensing there is for Internet Marketing (IM) content. Yes, it seems that way, but you would be wrong if you thought so. There are a few complications that makes it a little more involved than first look might imply.

PUO Personal Use Only Content License PLR2Go

PUO Personal Use Only Restrictions

  1. Some PUO licensed content can be used just for basic personal use and nothing else. If it is for reading (text), you can read it. If it is for listening (audio) If it is for watching (video) you can watch it. If it is for learning (courses, trainings, etc.) you can learn from it. And that is about it. The key word in all of that is you.
  2. >Other Personal Use Only licensed content can be used as above but also allows for extended use by you. In this instance it can be used by you to present to others in trainings, courses, webinars and the like. It can also be used as public or private (membership) content on your own blogs and websites. You are the one using, others are just viewing what you present.

Personal vs. Commercial Use

Another consideration for PUO material is the difference between personal and commercial use. Personal use might be as in the first instance above which is quite limited. In some cases, such use may be extended to include presentation (as in the second instance) but only on non-commercial sites like personal blogs and websites. Depending on licensing details, Personal Use Only rights may extend to your own commercial use, again as content on personally owned business blogs and websites and some other limited commercial application as indicated in the second item above.

Once again, always check the specific details in the license document provided with your content purchase.

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