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PLR Powerhouse – Build Your Own PLR Business

This 12-Video tutorial covers everything you need to know to create and market your own PLR products business. The principles apply to other, eg: MRR, RR, etc., content as well. Click the links below to open each video in turn in another browser window or tab. Close that window or tab to return to this page. If you would like your own copy of this package, complete with full unrestricted PLR rights, check our Free PLR page in the menu above.

PLR Power System PLR2Go

Stephen B. Henry and PLR2Go Present
PLR Power System

This PLR training program includes 14 self-study videos linked below. The program includes all the information you will need to start and run a successful PLR (or other, ie: MRR, RR, PUO, etc.) online content marketing business. Click the linked title of each video to view. The video player will open in a new browser tab or window. Close that tab or window to return to this page. This program is similar to PLR Powershouse but considerably more detailed.These videos may not be downloaded or copied in any manner.


14 Self-Study Videos

1) Understanding Rights Licences – this video explains the differences between the various license types (PLR, MRR, RR, PUO, etc.) and shows some actual examples to help you understand the rights offered by content creators, and how to use these for your own content.

2) Overview – an overview of the PLR Power System videos that follow. Don’t skip this video as it contains some important foundational information you will probably want to know as you go into the other videos.

3) PLR Profits Strategy – all about using PLR as is to leverage it as if it were your own product creation. Remember to take notes as you work through these self-study videos.

4) PLR Affiliate Strategy – how to use PLR as a bonus to promote affiliate products. Understand how to use bonuses and why they should be directly related to the product you are promoting.

5) PLR Membership Strategy – leverage your PLR to create an on-going recurring revenue stream by creating a content membership website.

6) PLR Funnel Strategy – learn about using PLR to add 1 or more upsells to your product launch marketing funnels to increase potential revenue from each product launch.

7) PLR Workshop Strategy – using your PLR content to create a presentation or workshop, marketing your workshop or presentation, and how to earn full value.

8) PLR Coaching Strategy – how to create a coaching program using PLR. What to purchase and how to use it to move your students forward on their journey of success.

9) PLR Bonus Strategy (part 1) – using your PLR as a bonus on your website or launch page including images to provide visible representation of your offers.

10) PLR Bonus Strategy (part 2) – leveraging PLR content as a bonus for your affiliates to use when promoting your content products.

11) PLR Content Strategy – effective ways to use PLR as your own webinar/presentation content to deliver to your clients.

12) PLR Branding Strategy – re-imaging and branding your PLR content in support of your unique selling proposition and your business marketing brand.

13) PLR Email Strategy – using PLR content to create powerful autoresponder content to send to your email and newsletter list subscribers.

14) Other Purposes & Conclusion – this final video in the series includes some important miscellaneous information and a wrap up of the content of the previous videos. You will want to watch this video to cap off your self-study exerience.

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