For many years now I have been registering most of my domain names with a single, well-known, domain name registrar. Oh, I have tried others like NameCheap domain name registration from time to time just to see what is going on, and always on the lookout for something better even though where I was performed well in all the areas I needed.

In my travels I discovered a hosting site in Europe which became my favorite for its interface and service, but the continuing fluctuation between the Euro and Dollar made it difficult to manage client domains there. I returned to my old standby despite that fact that they charged a dollar or two more than other U.S. based registrars and resellers. It wasn’t enough to make me move the large number of domains I owned and managed for clients.

NameCheap Domain Renewals PLR2Go

But then things changed. The registration price for my domains started going up; first a dollar, then two, then five, as underscored by the recent renewal notice above. I started looking elsewhere. I remembered I had used NameCheap for a while a couple of years ago but had found their interface a little klutzy. However their price was certainly right. I decided to have another look.

NameCheap Domain Name Registration Service

I liked what I found. First of all, my account was still there with credit for all my old purchases. The base price for dot com domains was just $10.98, fully $7.01 cheaper than what I was being asked for at my then current registrar. And there was actually no difference in the available services. Even the interface had been updated and was more than satisfactory. I began moving my domains.

To my surprise, due to my previous purchases, my domains only cost me $8.88 to transfer. Then I found a coupon. My last domain transfer was just $7.93. That’s cheap! I continue to move my domains about a month before they come due. It won’t be long before I have moved them all to Namecheap domain name registration again.

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