G Giveaway Rights

Giveaway Gift PLR Private Label Rights PLR2Go

From brandable software to Private Label and Resale Rights content, many license offerings include Giveaway Rights allowing the product to be used in a promotion, as link-bait, as a reward, or some other form of giveaway (ie: without cost or fee).

PUO Personal Use Only

Personal Use Only PUO Content License PLR2Go

PUO Personal Use Only licensing no doubt seems the most basic, and most easily understood, form of licensing there is for Internet Marketing (IM) content. Yes, it seems that way, but you would be wrong if you thought so. There are a few complications that makes it a little more involved than first look might […]

RR Resale Rights

RR Resale Rights PLR2Go

Resale Rights licencing is probably the most basic and limited of all the content licenses. There isn’t a lot you can do with it, including not being allowed to edit the content or transfer any rights (except Personal Use Only – PUO) to the purchaser or end user. Some RR Resale Rights licensing allow you […]

MRR Master Resale Rights

MRR Master Resale Rights Content License Licensing PLR2Go

One of the most versatile of the content licensing approaches is MRR Master Resale Rights. Master Resale Rights not only permits the resale of the content to others, it also allow for the passing of those resale rights along to the purchaser. There can be restrictions specified in the individual license but the allowable options […]

PLR Private Label Rights

PLR Private Label Rights License Contract

In the world of Internet Marketing (IM), Private Label Rights (PLR), is a form of license issued by the author or content creator in which he releases, usually for a fee, most or all of the intellectual property rights associated with their work. The terms of the license are specified by the author of the […]